The Oval Collection, which includes many patterns with a pile weight of 415gsm and 9 color options; With its high-quality, economical and durable carpeting, it offers the solution you are looking for in your home. It is made from solution dyed polypropylene yarn. Oval patterns, one of the classics in decoration, have been among the most popular geometric shapes for years. Those who prefer geometric patterns should remember the power of the carpeting believe and not miss the carpet detail while giving way to geometric shapes. Because while the oval pattern surroundings in furniture groups or other textile products make them appear smaller, the geometric pattern used in the carpet has the opposite effect. It can be manufactured in the desired design as a felt sole and actionback sole. For the felt base; We have options of 100 gr/m2, 140 gr/m2, 240 gr/m2, 320 gr/m2 and 500 gr/m2. If the piece is desired as a carpet a gel floor coating can also be made.

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Thread Type: PP-BFC

100% polypropylene

Production Method: Tufting loop pile

Total weight: 1,300 g/m²

Total height: 5.5mm

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