Terry cloth printed

The printed collection brings endless pattern and color options to your home at affordable prices and brings the Elegance of Wall-to-wall rugs in your home.
The printed loop pile rug series with rug model that we designed inspired by nature and has different pattern options is made from 100% polyamide yarn; The pattern printing option is suitable for home use.
It can be manufactured in the desired design as a felt sole and actionback sole. For the felt base we have options of 100 g/m2, 140 g/m2, 240 g/m2, 320 g/m2 and 500 g/m2. If desired, a gel floor coating can also be made as a piece of carpet.

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Thread Type: PP-BFC

Production method: tufting cut pile

Total weight: 1,255 g/m²

Total height: 4.5mm

Stack Weight: 250/300/450/600

Base: Felt/Actionback

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