The Classic product, which has a pile weight of 385 g/m2 and is made using a graphic weaving technique, brings its colorful and dynamic structure to your home. This product is made from solution dyed polypropylene yarn. Classic is a carpet product that you use in your home can, which has many patterns and is made using the tufting loophole production method. With the graphic patterns it contains, Classic helps it to create a broader decor. It's also very important that it serves its purpose, though carpet products are used to complement the decoration . Since the carpet affects the atmosphere of the environment, it makes sense to research the impression that the carpet you put in the decoration will create and decide accordingly. It can be manufactured in the desired design as a felt sole and actionback sole. For the felt base we have options of 100 g/m2, 140 g/m2, 240 g/m2, 320 g/m2 and 500 g/m2. If desired, a gel floor coating can also be made as a piece of carpet.

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Thread Type: PP-BFC

100% polypropylene

Production Method: Tufted Rock

Total weight: 1,350 g/m²

Total height: 5mm

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