As the name suggests, the Basic product is a very advantageous carpet product. The one suitable for underfloor heating. Its total height reaches 5.5 millimeters with its felt backing.

Advantage is made using the tufting loop pile method, the weaving technique for curly rugs, and is a very advantageous product in terms of the colors and tones it contains. It is made from solution dyed polypropylene yarn.

easy to attach, Carpet called ; The advantage, which is highly preferred in wall-to-wall products, offers economical and convenient use. With the use of the right standards of care, it will retain its stylish and natural appearance for a long time.

It can be manufactured in the desired design as a felt sole and actionback sole. For the felt base we have options of 100 g/m2, 140 g/m2, 240 g/m2, 320 g/m2 and 500 g/m2. If desired, a gel floor coating can also be made as a piece of carpet.

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Thread Type: PP-BFC

100% polypropylene

Production method: tufting cut pile

Total weight: 1,150 g/m²

Total height: 5.5mm

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